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Our own meat, raised here on our farm. 

Sirloin Steak: lean, juicy and moderately tender makes this a very versatile steak, sliced thinly and it will be a beautiful tender piece of steak.  Packages range from 1.1-2.1lbs.  

Flat Iron Steak: Great flavor, and very tender if cooked correctly.  Sear it or grill it to a perfect medium-medium rare.  Packages range from .8 -1.4lbs 

Flap Meat for Steak Tips: Flap steak is often first marinated, seasoned and then grilled over the fire quickly. Great for tacos, sandwiches and skewers! Packages range from 1-1.8lbs

Tip Steak- boneless lean cut of steak that range in weight from about 1.3-1.7lbs.  Great for marinating, or using for kabobs.

Bone-in Short Ribs- full of beef flavor and fall off the bone tender.  Grill or slow roast, packages range form 1.6-2.8lbs 

Boneless Short Ribs- full of beef flavor and very tender.  Grill or slow roast to enjoy all of this wonderful flavor.  Packages range from 2-3lbs or 3.1-4.5lbs

T-bone Steak- Bone in steaks , that ranges from 1.2- 1.7 lbs.   Great for grilling, or  pan searing!

Poterhouse- bone in steaks, that range in weight from 1.2-1.7lbs.  Great for grilling!

Ribeye- bone in steaks that range in weight from 1.2-1.7 lbs  Great for grilling! 

Delmonicos- a beautiful thick cut of steak, that range in weight from .6-.9lbs.

NY Strip Steak- A very tender, boneless steak, that range in weight from .5-.8lbs.



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